Preserving a small piece of American History
This site contains pictures of Elegant Glassware made during the Depression Era that I have collected over the last few years. The pattern I collect Twist, named by researchers, was made by the Heisey Company from 1928 to 1937. The Original pattern was numbered "1252". Twist pieces were made in the following colors: Crystal, Flamingo, Moon Gleam, Marigold, Sahara and Alexandrite. A couple of other colors were made but are very rarely seen such as Dawn and Tangerine. Most pieces were made in the "1252" style while a few others were made in a new design called "1252 1/2".

Crystal refers to clear glass. Flamingo is a shade of pink, that I believe is the most commonly found pieces in this pattern. Moon Gleam is a green colored glass that I think is the most popular color and most sought after. Marigold is a golden, almost amber, color that was only produced for about a year. This color proved to be very unstable with the chemicals used in the process of making it which cause it to explode. The factory then produced a color called Gold which was a shade of Marigold. Heisey then replaced it with a lighter yellow color called Sahara but didn't produce too many pieces in this new color. Last, but not least expensive, is the Alexandrite color. Only three pieces were made in this color which changes under different light. It changes from a blue gray under fluorescent light to a rosy pink under natural or other light.

Another numbered pattern closely associated with Twist is "1253". I know of only two pieces in this pattern. One is a plate and the other is a tri-cornered, tri-handled mint dish that was sold with or without a lid. The mint dish is shown in the Twist pattern in early sales brochures. It does not have the exact same characteristics as Twist but does compliment it well. This mint dish is what started me collecting this Art Deco pattern.

I was browsing in an antique fair and came across a pink triangular dish (no lid) and bought it for $8. I stored it away for about 10 years until I met Paul, an antique dealer, and was showing him a few pieces of glass that I owned. He told me it was Heisey, easily recognizable by the trademark "H" in a diamond, but he had to research what pattern it was. He came back and showed me the Twist pattern and I was hooked instantly!

I've spent the last three years finding every piece I could get my hands on. I'm sure there are a few of you out there that I have outbid at the last minute in order to get the piece "I had to have"!

No individual pieces in my collection are for sale. I will, however, entertain any offers for the entire collection. This site is intended for viewing purposes only. If you have any pieces for sale please email me at I would love to hear any comments, compliments, complaints or suggestions.

Please click on the pattern's colors links above to view the pictures of the pieces that I have in my collection. I am always adding new pieces as I find them so check back often.

Happy Heisey Hunting!